Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey sat down with Dirk Van Velzen of the Prison Scholar Fund to talk about her journey to fintech and how she has created a Certified B, social impact company that is helping people who are experiencing financial challenges connect to local, community resources that help them get back on track and begin to pay and save again. Rochelle believes that when people aren’t paying their bills, it’s because something has happened in their lives that make it impossible to pay. We discuss how creating innovation in the financial services industry can be slow going but the opportunity to change how we treat those living paycheck to paycheck can bring big wins for the lenders who are willing to innovate and show empathy to their customers. She shares the importance of listening to the stories behind a person’s inability to pay and how doing so helps people get back on track. Last year, SpringFour made over 1 million referrals to community-based resources that helped people become financially healthy.