Social Navigation Services

General Social Services

Department of Social & Health Services: Online portal to Washington State’s Department of Social & Health Services. This site has access to basic social support programs, housing, food, addiction services, and disability support.

Washington State Community Connections: Organization that connects communities and families across Washington State to resources, training, and support.

Find Help: Online portal for finding financial assistance, food pantries, medical care, and other free or reduced help.

211 WA: 2-1-1 helps connect community resources statewide.

Transportation, Housing and Basic Needs

DSHS Housing Assistance: Washington State Department of Social & Health Services online platform for acquiring housing assistance. Provides access to adult family home locators, assisted living facilities, financial aid for housing, and special housing for those with special needs.

Statewide Transportation Assistance: Directory for statewide programs that provide free or low-cost options for transportation.

Statewide Food & Meal Assistance: Directory for statewide programs that provide immediate access to meals or food assistance.

Healthcare Services

Washington State Health Care Authority: Access to Washington State’s Apple Health care program that provides insurance coverage free or at low-cost to state residents. This coverage may include primary care, maternity services, pediatric care, dental, vision, prescription medications, and more.

Family Reunification

Amara Family Connections Program: Amara helps parents and caregivers work together as a team to have facilitated, collaborative, child-focused conversations and meetings. They assist in facilitating meetings between parents whose children are in foster/kinship care and provide relationship support through experienced mentors.

Children, Youth & Families: Washington State Department of Children, Youth & Families. Online acess to their featured services that include adoption, child protective services, child early learning/care, and an online portal to finding additional family support.

Dads M.O.V.E: Organization geared to helping strengthening the father’s role in raising children with behavioral health needs through education, peer support and advocacy.

Legal Services

Northwest Justice Project: Provides free legal assistance that ranges from housing, family law, health care, education, income security and more. They provide access to low-income lawyer support and legal forms for clients to use to pursue justice.

Washington LawHelp: Online platform providing help forums, application for legal help and rental assistance, legal forms, and directions to resolve a range of legal concerns.

Moderate Means Program: Platform that provides legal help for people of moderate means.

Bar Association Law Links: Washington State’s Bar Association online legal resource portal. This site provides access to legal resources, forms, law libraries, laws and rules.