Our Partners


The Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo programs retrain workers to narrow the digital skills gap and eliminate the phenomenon of Digital Economy Refugees by empowering them to pursue meaningful careers. As a corporate citizen, they regularly launch initiatives, partnerships and scholarships designed to address the severe digital skills gap in underserved communities, increase diversity in tech, and address the digital divide.

To address the ongoing issue of recidivism, Coding Dojo is a proud partner of The Prison Scholar Fund to offer full-ride scholarships to formerly incarcerated individuals for our full-time Software Development program.

Puget Law Group

When it comes to experience, client satisfaction, and peer review, you simply will not find another firm that can match Puget Law Group. PLG is the only DUI and Criminal Defense firm in the Pacific Northwest that boasts nine former prosecutors with over 150 years combined experience on both sides of the aisle. With more than 400 five star Google reviews, PLG is the highest rated DUI and criminal defense firm in the PNW as well.


We’re thrilled to partner with Google’s incredibly talented employees, because the world is ours to change. Google is here to help. When you aim to solve big problems, you need to have the right tools to be successful. With Google for Nonprofits, we’re be able to fundraise more easily, collaborate more efficiently, and share our story with a wider audience.

Altruist Partners

We’re happy to work with Altruist, the trusted partner and proven accelerator for ambitious nonprofits and social enterprises. Altruist’s integrated suite of planning, finance, and execution strategies and tools has helped us create an executable road map to achieve and sustain dramatic increases in performance, revenue and impact.


At Microsoft, giving is ingrained in its culture, and as Microsoft employees will tell you, one of the most rewarding — not to mention fun — aspects of their jobs. The PSF has been fortunate to benefit from a number of extremely talented and passionate volunteers.

When Microsoft’s giving program began in 1983, approximately 200 Microsoft employees raised $17,000 for nonprofits.

In 2015, Microsoft employees raised a record-breaking $125 million for more than 18,000 nonprofits and schools across the globe. Participation rates hit an all-time high, at 71 percent, as Microsoft employees donated more time, talent and money to help address the local and global causes they care about most.

Microsoft matches employee nonprofit donations and volunteering year round up to $15,000 per employee.