by Robert Wood, Social Media Advisor – Prison Scholar Fund

By definition, Merriam Webster’s Tenth Edition Refers to the universe as, 1) The whole body of things and phenomena observed or postulated. The dictionary goes on to list A, B, C, C(1), C(2) and four more definitions. The truth is that the very question (What is the universe?) is a question as complex and simple as what came first the chicken or the egg.

The universe encompasses all matter, all dimensions, all diversity and the universe encompasses nothing. The universe is not a finite concept or place and therefore defies any concept or definition one might apply to it. The universe itself is not an answer it is a question.

Is God the universe?

Is the universe God?

Does man actually have the capacity to uncover all the secrets of the universe?

People dream of and imagine a parallel universe where everything on Earth is replicated.

Are our dreams part of the universe?

The universe is every thought, feeling, emotion, and joy we have and all those we don’t have. The universe is all the heartbeats on Earth, human and beast, and the life on every planet. The universe is a place where the knowledge of our wisest people and biggest super computers are but a grain of sand on an infinite beach. The universe encompasses the past, present, and the future all in a single tense.

The universe is something so complex that no matter what humankind learns about any one subject there is always more to learn. At various times in the Earth’s history, Earth being a grain of sand in the universe, there was Aristotle, Moses, King Solomon, and Albert Einstein. The universe is something so complex even they couldn’t conceptualize it.

The universe is every thought you ever had and every thought you almost had. The universe is all humankind has discovered

and all we haven’t discovered. The universe is the playground the creator gave to humankind and other species which is infinite, and in which no matter how much we learn, there will always be more to learn and discover. The universe is the reason people are naturally very curious and no matter how much we learn or find out our appetite for knowledge can not be satiated.

The universe is the theatre of life and the act of death. The universe is love. The universe is hate. The universe is the pathetic, the famous, the humble, and the great. The universe is all of nothing and none of something. The universe is matter and at the same time intangible.

What is the universe?

The universe is.

That was the essay. Now I would like some feedback. The question I pose at this time is as follows: How will you affect the universe and how can education help you in this endeavor?

Another question: What is the universe to you and how could education help you better understand the aspects of it that you are most curious about?

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