by Robert Wood, Social Media Adviser – Prison Scholar Fund

In the modern world, just like in ancient times knowledge is power. That power, however, is limited by the accuracy, relevance, and timeliness of the information. Quite often the information we receive from modern media is distorted for various reasons. Even in the United States, the news is often slanted to support certain political ideologies, social doctrines, or other marketing and public relations agendas. As the world evolves socially, economically, and technologically talking in a constant stream of information which is accurate, timely, and relevant becomes increasingly important in direct proportion to the issues which matter to you the most.

In today’s world, we must be able to evolve with the times. That means obtaining the information necessary to do so and filtering it carefully. Thankfully everything is not politics and there are many sources for accurate knowledge which are current and actionable. In addition to trade schools, colleges, and apprenticeships, it is important to attend seminars, subscribe to trade publications, and exercise your craft constantly. You must understand that even new textbooks are often now moving at the speed of constantly evolving knowledge. You do need to learn what’s available currently to have a foundation of knowledge to build upon, but please understand that as time goes on you must update that knowledge as it evolves. Not only the knowledge of your craft but applicable social and economic situations as well.

Why do I stress this?

At this time, the US economy is doing well. During times of economic prosperity, the availability of well-paying jobs, promotions, and pay raises tend to make some people complacent. This actually is the time to add value to your skill set via upgraded knowledge. Just understanding the latest technology and the newest information applicable to your current position can make a huge difference in you wages and promotion viability. It could also lead to a business venture of your own or a change in employment which is a step or two up from your current position. If you’re a business owner or a social entrepreneur, you must pay attention to new ways information is delivered and consumed. Staying current is critically important when the subject you’re dealing with is critically important to you.

The current economy is booming. As time passes and the US has to deal with the debt which is driving this economic boom the belt will be tightened on some entitlement and aid programs. Please take advantage of the available educational and vocational opportunities now. In times of economic prosperity don’t just save for save for a rainy day. Upgrade, prepare, and train for a rainy day.

Keeping up with current social and economic situations can actually allow you to capitalize on, or be of service in, things you were previously unaware of. Please vigilantly seek, obtain, and apply knowledge. Upgrade it often and remember, an upgrade in knowledge is an upgrade in you. Because in today’s world you need tomorrow’s knowledge. Live knowledgeably.