By Robert Wood, Social Media Advisor – The Prison Scholar Fund

The realm of execution is the situation where knowledge,  preparation, and strength of will are executed through definitive actions and generate results. It is very important that as people prepare for careers or business entry they keep there eye on the ball. The realm of execution is that ball. Forward thinking means that you’re not only developing competencies, you’re actively contemplating their execution and maybe even getting involved through internships, volunteer work, or mock execution. Many people are great in school, get excellent grades, and then go to apply what they’ve learned in the real world and for some reason their results are subpar. The reason for this is a lack of focus on the realm of execution and a concurrent lack of energy directed at succeeding once you’re there. Putting a name on it that stands out gives you a mental mechanism to think about it more often, and act in accordance with the need for your actual definitive actions to generate the type of superior results that equals success.

One of the key factors in the realm of execution that individuals must learn to deal with is the pressure of their actions having real results. In some instances anxiety gets to them and that makes things even harder. In order to prepare for the realm of execution you must actually focus on it and not just getting good grades. Another key factor that hurts once in the realm of execution is cheating to earn credentials because in the realm of execution empty credentials and un-earned grades are sniffed out rather quickly by knowledgeable professionals. That means if you’ve cheated your to straight A’s and it affords you a job, career, or even an advanced hobby opportunity that the further up the chain you move while cheating and not allowing yourself to learn, the more it will affect your chances of superior execution in events and situations when it really counts because you may not even understand the material that you were supposed to learn in preparation for the future which is always now in the realm of execution.

Your preparation for your goals must be ongoing, constantly advancing, and continuously improving. In the manufacturing industry many people often ask why the Japanese are such great forces. One of the reasons is because an American statistician, W. Edwards Deming, created a system called continuous improvement. It’s a major factor for quality control (I am a certified quality control inspector among other things) and it is amazing how America didn’t listen to Deming until the 1980s when the Japanese made huge strides in manufacturing utilizing continuous improvement. You don’t have to use his exact system, which I have actually utilized at various times, but you must strive to continuously improve. Getting better and taking in every advantage you can in the discipline(s) you aspire to excel in is a must if you’re aiming for high achievement in the realm of execution when the actions are live and the results actually count. Referring to it as the realm of execution is a must if you want to put a constant reminder in your mind of what you are striving to achieve, what your education  and/or training should mean to you, and what you want to execute to amazement when the time comes. Observe the realm of execution as a tangible part of your life because one day it will be. As you contemplate it with excitement and vigor prepare for it the same way.

Remember: in the realm of execution superior preparation drives superior results. Prepare wisely. Execute brilliantly.