by Robert Wood, Social Media Adviser – Prison Scholar Fund

The inspiration circle is your circle of special people that along with knowledge, skill, and your own self motivation, create a synergistic brand of inspiration which helps motivate and propel you to realize your dreams. The circle can include your wife, your husband, your kids, friends, other family, or co-workers. It could even be someone you don’t know personally know whose words and actions inspire you. All that matters is that they are people close enough to you in inspirational influence to be  difference makers for you. Inspiration and motivation come from many places. At critical times exceptional people will provide those elements for you with just an amazing smile. I have someone very special who does that for me. These are the people included in your inspiration circle. Of course there are other elements along with great people which can serve as inspiration.

Inspiration can come from beauty. The beauty of people as well as the beauty of nature and other things. It’s very important to surround ourselves with the things we can merely look at and be inspired -that special smile from that special someone can definitely be one of those things- In addition to that we should read, watch, and listen to inspiring material frequently. It is so important to be motivated to succeed and inspired to endure the hard work and difficulties that your endeavor(s) of choice may Intel. Creating a human inspiration circle with defined purpose and keeping it free of negativity allows you to discuss extraordinary matters with exceptionally inspiring and motivational people. That will keep your drive for success in your chosen goals in tact.

Even when those closest to you are not the ones providing inspiration you need you can acquire it. Everyone may not be on board with some of things you aspire to and that means you must form a new inspiration circle as you pursue issues where you current one doesn’t cover it. That doesn’t mean giving up those friends or associate due to deficient support. That simply means finding others who are like minded and allowing them to provide additional motivation in these particular instances. With your significant other and/or your closest friends if you are not being provided inspiration in 80% or more of your endeavors you may want to re-think your situation or re-evaluate those relationships. With family you must just accept it and press on with your other circle(s) of inspiration.

No matter what you do, surround yourself with motivated people, people who inspire you, and those who support you. Create your own special circle of inspiration for important ventures and don’t allow anyone to rain on your parade. Give yourself permission to be inspired, and then find others who will concurrently inspire you. Definitive actions accomplish and create great things. Inspired definitive actions accomplish and create amazing things. Be inspired.