by Robert Wood, Senior Social Media Advisor – The Prison Scholar Fund

Previously I’ve discussed the dream equation twice – once explaining what it is and the second time clarifying some of the finer points of actually applying it. For those of you who haven’t read the first two installments please go to prisonscholars.org and do so now so you’ll put this final installment in its proper context. Now it’s time to discuss the reasons for, and the benefits of, successfully applying the dream equation. For those who have not already read the first two articles I re-emphasize that they can be viewed on prisonscholars.org. The dream equation is as follows: Knowledge, skill, and application + opportunity and positive human interaction = the fulfillment of your dreams. Now I would just like to urge you to give the dream equation a try and allow it to lead you on the path to the fulfillment of your dreams.

Your application of the dream equation should be invigorated by the knowledge and skills you gain as you execute the necessary components and add them up towards the fulfillment of your dreams. Each success should be celebrated. Benchmarks should be set, met, and applauded as you go. You should be your own best cheerleader because only you know how well you are applying the equation and close to the fulfillment of your dreams it is actually bringing you. The dream equation is not to be taken, or undertaken, lightly. It is ultimately designed as a tool to for the fulfillment of your dreams and to aid you in becoming the best version of who you truly are. This can only work with belief in, and dedication to, the dream equation and your ability to masterfully execute it. The only reason for the dream equation is to fulfill dreams. In your life that would mean your dreams, and in the lives of those you share it with, that would mean their dreams.

The more specific and detailed your visions of success are the easier it becomes to effectively apply the dream equation. Create your vision, hold your vision, and execute the dream equation to the ultimate fulfillment of that vision. Remember the biggest and most important external factor of the dream equation is positive human interaction. The most important part of the dream equation overall is that you buy into it and realize that by doing so you are buying into yourself. Although this sounds simple it is quite often that people forget to have those internal conversations where they remind themselves that they are competent worthy individuals who deserve the fulfillment of their dreams and the opportunity to engage an equation which truly makes that possible. I strongly encourage you to give the dream equation a try and as you  do so write back to PSF and let us know how the dream equation impacts your life. Tell your friends about it and let us hear about what your dream equation ultimately leads toward.

The dream equation simplified: The dream equation and you = the life you deserve. You deserve the best so dream big, apply the dream equation, and share the dream.