by Robert Wood, Senior Social Media Advisor – The Prison Scholar Fund

The Dream Equation: knowledge, skill, and application + opportunity and positive human interaction = The fulfillment of your dreams. Understanding the dream equation is essential to your successful application, and thus the successful results, stemming from it. For those who have read part 1 of “The Dream Equation” and have questions about it this should answer some of those questions. For others it should give clarification and allow you to apply the dream equation in a manner conducive to success. If you have not read Part 1 please go to prisonscholars.org and do so prior to reading this so you’ll have a holistic understanding the equation. Thoroughly understanding the individual components of the dream equation are important so at this time that’s what will be discussed. Once you understand the equation, apply the components parts to your dreams correctly, and persevere the necessary work involved, you will begin to see your dreams morphing into reality.

Knowledge and skill are very important as they pertain to the fulfillment of your dreams. Whatever it is that you aspire to do you must gain the pertinent knowledge and be certain to get a thorough understanding of it. The importance of this stems from the fact that if you don’t thoroughly understand the things necessary to accomplish your dreams you definitely can not apply them. I have dual a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Small Business Management and Marketing. One of the things that’s very important in business and can actually become a competitive advantage is execution. This applies to sports, music, the medical profession, and many other things. If you don’t have a thorough understanding of your craft it is extremely difficult to execute the functions necessary for success in the masterful manner which success calls for. Constant application of the knowledge and skills necessary hones your craft and creates a set of competencies which can take you very far in your endeavor(s) of choice. In the application phase you must take the time to constantly improve your skills, gain experience, and build upon it. You must also constantly upgrade the knowledge of your craft and make sure it evolves parallel to your pursuits. In this regard perseverance and strength of will are necessary. They will help you create the opportunities you desire.

Opportunity and and positive human interaction will become necessary even as your application, and thus your execution of your knowledge and skills, becomes masterful. In reality the better your skills and the more enduring your application the more opportunity it creates. Although we often look at someone who does something extraordinary or is placed in an elevated position as a lucky person, quite often they have prepared for that opportunity or position their whole life. In school we all practice the creation of opportunity by honing our skills and being recognized for our accomplishments. In the entertainment and business worlds they practice, perform, learn, and network to create opportunity. In the sports world high performance and strenuous training create opportunity. In many vocations and endeavors as we hone our skills through application, and often volunteer service, opportunities are created. One of the things about opportunity creation is that it is intimately intertwined with positive human interaction which is a tremendous opportunity as well as an excellent opportunity creation mechanism. While applying the dream equation, as with most things in life, the factor of positive human interaction will be imperative to success. The golden rule is definitely a part of the human factor. Treat others as you wish to be treated, and  additionally, enlighten others as you wish to be enlightened.

Remember: Knowledge, skill, and application + opportunity and positive human interaction = the fulfillment of your dreams.  Do the math. Make it happen. Dreams do come true!!

Coming in the near future Part 3, the final installment of  “The Dream Equation”