by Robert Wood, Social Media Advisor – Prison Scholar Fund

Keep in mind exactly who you are, who you can become, and the amazing things you are capable of accomplishing. Surround yourself with people who see, believe in, and will assist you in getting to the highest form of yourself possible. Nurture your mind in the following manner: through education related to your aspirations; through things that motivate you, and stimulate intellectual curiosity in the area of your aspirations; and through association with positive success oriented individuals.
Ascribe the highest value to friends, associates, and family members whom believe in you and hold values concurrent to yours in many areas of life. Seek, and attach yourself to mentors who have faith in you personally, professionally, and in ethical matters. Constantly and consistently tell yourself how great you are and what you are capable of. Push yourself to new heights through the assertion of your will in matters of importance to you. Above all, have conversations with yourself about what’s best for you, what body of knowledge to will help you accomplish it, and how you will obtain and apply the knowledge to your benefit and the benefit of those people and things of the most importance to you. Following these steps with definitive action is a formula for success. The keywords: definitive action.

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