by Robert Wood, Social Media Advisor – Prison Scholar Fund

As opportunities arise due to constantly evolving cultures and rapidly advancing technology, prior knowledge and preparation allow you to rapidly adapt to those changes and position you to capitalize on the opportunities as others struggle to catch up. As a result of ongoing education and intellectual curiosity, you become part of an elite group of people who seem to always be on the cutting edge of their industry and/or passion. This type of forward thinking  must be constantly refreshed with new knowledge in the same manner a tree must be continuously watered to thrive. The knowledge obtained and applied properly will become a source of constant impetus for the strength of your will and an ongoing re-dedication to your particular craft or passion.

Look around the world at all the companies, nations, and industries. It is quickly very apparent that those who are constantly in the winners circle are perpetually pursuing new knowledge, upgrading skills, and re-inventing themselves as deemed necessary by events and circumstances. This is no coincidence. The greatest competitors realize that knowledge properly applied and constantly upgraded creates a consistent and constantly renewed competitive advantage. This done by design and you are privy to that design at this very moment. Please, pay close attention.

Obtain and apply at every opportunity the knowledge of your craft or passion. Never stop learning in this regard. Seek qualified knowledge from a variety of sources including, courses, books, professional or craft groups, seminars, and the many other sources of information available in the area you wish to advance in. Have integrity and honor in all matters of education and all other pursuits. Allow that to extend to your life as a whole. Be dedicated not only to the pursuit, but also to the constant use of new knowledge in the execution of your will. Exercise will and discipline in all matters of great importance. Be introspective by constantly having mental conversations with yourself that constantly push you to succeed and excel. Continue to evolve as a person and in all possible areas of life taking a holistic approach that will enhance you in all important matters both personal and professional. Be empowered by helping and empowering others. Finally, always take the time raise the spirits of others with a smile and enjoy a good laugh from time to time.

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