by Robert Wood, Senior Social Media Advisor – the Prison Scholar Fund

Understanding knowledge in action as you experience it from a positive perspective creates a new paradigm in your mind for both the knowledge and the actions which are driven by that knowledge, thus creating net positive associations with the power of knowledge and putting it into action. Quite often we look at awesome feats of knowledge in action and take them for granted. As we learn to experience the positive, often life changing actions, driven by knowledge from an informed perspective we put knowledge and the subsequent actions driven by it into a new context. We begin to better understand the awesome power and importance of knowledge in action as it effects every aspect of our daily lives. I’d just like to grab your attention briefly and expose you to a few of my thoughts about the power and importance of appreciating knowledge in action on an ongoing basis.

When you pause to truly appreciate knowledge in action you begin to understand that even now as you read this article knowledge created the medium you are reading it on, the clothes on your back, and the very information conveyed in this article. When we are in traffic and look at other cars and other people knowledge has been in constant contact with every vehicle and person in traffic. Understanding the awesome power of the endless sea of available knowledge which has been disseminated by humankind reminds you why the human factor is so important and why us being creatures naturally prone to seek and share knowledge benefits us so much as a species. After all we adapt to change quicker than any known species and we do that through knowledge powered action, thus, knowledge in action.

I’m sure you realize that no matter how long you live nobody, no computer, and no known media can retain all of the available knowledge. Look at the internet. It is a vast resource for all types of information and yet there is infinitely more knowledge than will ever be available even on that massive and awesome knowledge powered medium. The truth is knowledge is just as infinite as the universe it must be applied in to maximize it’s application. New knowledge is constantly uncovered and applied in various ways which drive the improvement of the human condition. Today, as you walk around and look at the world pay attention to the knowledge in action at various stages of your daily journey – whatever that may be today. Now think: what could knowledge in action do in my life and how can I use it to change the lives of others and improve the human condition if only for family and friends. Knowledge is always in action and always available. Get knowledge, put it in action, and make life happen. It just may change your life.

Knowledge in action – your power source for life!