By Robert Wood, Social Media Advisor – Prison Scholar Fund

Education makes knowledge your focal point and overcoming challenges your norm. Learn it, earn it, return it, is my motto. In the process of my education I have realized that with knowledge as a focal point even things not directly related to your studies begin to come into much clearer focus. That is very important because it explains why people who take the time to pursue education often succeed even if it’s not in the area of their education. The challenges faced during academic studies prepare you for multiple other challenges which will be faced in life via the creation of critical thinking skills and enhanced resourcefulness. Having to research certain academic projects teaches you to be very resourceful and to understand that nearly any information you may need is available, and at the same time teaches you the methods for locating and utilizing that information.   

Knowledge as a focal point puts you on high alert and makes it so that when you hear and/or read certain things you pick up a pencil and paper and automatically take notes. In those instances your focus on knowledge has lead you to uncover critical information and/or important resources. Making knowledge a focal point at all times is an important advantage of education and one of the reasons I strongly endorse and recommend lifelong learning. As long as knowledge is a focal point in your life it can be used to enrich and enhance everything you do. At PSF we strongly believe that in rehabilitating America’s incarcerated population knowledge as focal point makes sense and allows those individuals, as they reenter society, to be a part of community solutions as opposed to communities problems or merely neutral citizens. Dirk Vanvelzen, our executive director has made knowledge a focal point in his life and as a result he has helped many people who in turn have helped many others through education financially facilitated by PSF.

At this time I would like to say that getting involved in PSF as volunteer is a great way to give back. In addition to that monetary donations and even donations of old cars, textbooks, and anything else that could assist in our efforts to help those incarcerated individuals trying to change their lives would be greatly appreciated. We are trying to assist in one of the greater challenges of our time which is to rehabilitate those who are ready and willing to change but just need a hand. Join us in the mission to help this underserved segment of the population, and in doing so to make a difference in the families and communities associated with them. To learn how you can help go to our website, PrisonScholars. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Robert Wood, our Social Media Advisor, is a volunteer for the PSF. His Tweets can be found on Twitter, @prisonscholars, account under the hashtag #RLW_PSF. He can be reached via any of our social media outlets or emailed at the following address: rlw@prisonscholars.org.

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