by Robert Wood, Senior Social Media Adviser – The Prison Scholar Fund

Through accessing, applying, and building on knowledge, we can take our dreams from being impossible, to incredible, to a state of common reality. Throughout history, this has been the case. Cars, airplanes, space travel, and cell phones have all made this same journey. They went from a vision, to a pursuit, to the point that they are now taken for granted – common realities. The pursuit of knowledge by humankind is something that drives our aspirations, dreams, motivations, and constantly changes our reality.

What dreams do you have?

How would you like to change your reality?

Do you have the the mental stamina and intellectual curiosity to pursue and apply the knowledge necessary to change your personal and professional realities?

Could you be someone, or part of a group, that will change the reality of humankind yet again?

Knowledge – access it, apply it, add to it, and create new realities!