by Robert L. Wood, Social Media Advisor – Prison Scholar Fund

Prior to my current period of incarceration I didn’t pay much attention to the news and when I watched it my opinions were often negative and filled with resentment of what I saw as roadblocks to success. I saw opportunities that were available, but not to me. Since I began pursuing my education I see things much differently. I have begun to look for the good in every situation and usually find it. I see opportunities where others only see hardships. You may what changed and I would have to say it was my worldview which has been changed through education, constant application, and ongoing upgrades of knowledge relevant to my interests and responsibilities. I am so glad that Dirk Van Velzen, the Founder and Executive Director for the Prison Scholar Fund understood this dynamic when he founded this organization with the powerful mission of changing communities one person at a time by extending the helping hand of education to one of society’s most underserved demographics – America’s incarcerated population.

As I read the last issue of the Prison Scholar Fund’s (PSF’s) newsletter there were two excellent articles by outstanding young ladies who are also prison scholars, Jenny Iredale and Tanya Wilson, and it was immediately apparent to me that they too have new leases on life due to recently changed worldviews. They are currently in the process of changing not only their own lives, but the lives of the people around them, and touching many others’ lives that they will come into contact with in the future. It is this very dynamic that enables the PSF to improve communities by changing one life at a time and allowing those new worldviews to positively affect communities. You can click on past issues to see the very powerful stories of both of the young women I’m referring to.

The more an individual knows the clearer they see and understand the opportunities available to them. When people have the knowledge and inspiration to succeed it is life changing. Please donate increments of ten, twenty, or fifty dollars monthly to assist in this game changing movement to educate America’s incarcerated population. We would like to hear from you too. Feel free to write to us and share your stories and insights. If you have questions feel free to ask them. We are listening and value your feedback. Let’s do this!

Robert Wood, our Social Media Advisor, is a volunteer for the PSF. His Tweets can be found on Twitter, @prisonscholars, account under the hashtag #RLW_PSF. He can be reached via any of our social media outlets or emailed at the following address: rlw@prisonscholars.org.

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