Here ye….here ye…listen to me….

By Mert Celebisoy

I could read these words from a parchment, holding the scroll in front my eyes and getting louder as I unroll. Instead I’m laying on a thin foam cot, typing away on my JPay, wishing that l was anywhere but here. I’m a prisoner of the State of Washington. I’m among the many voiceless, helpless, and hopeless kept under horrid conditions.

I’ve been fixing to write something here about Corona Virus for quite some time now, but I think I’ve procrastinated for so long that the virus and the pandemic became a second-page news. I’m broke as hell, and, even without a TV or a radio, I can see that the whole nation exploded over the murder of George Floyd. (Thank Baby Jesus!) I hear everybody is talking about peaceful demonstrations and public discourse. Bullshit! Humbug! Nonsense! Call it whatever you want, but nothing changes in this country until it costs the capitalists elite a pretty penny. Neither slavery nor segregation nor the Vietnam War was brought to an end by simply matching the streets or by engaging in open dialogue. Rioting and looting are simply the side effects of decades long abuse and oppression. Murder, torture, and all types of maltreatment….

Even here, behind bars, the situation is not much different. They have been stepping on our necks, both literally and figuratively for years. I can only hope that the recent awareness towards the treatment of minorities in the justice system will bleed over to prisons and jails as well. (More on this next time.)

Gotta remain positive!

Gotta remain hopeful!

Until next week….adios carnales

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Mert Celebisoy