“Want it! Want it! Want it!” screams addiction.
He starts his life disguised as only fun;
Enabling his lie has now begun.
No doubt, to satisfy him just a fiction.

In repetition fun becomes a habit;

We give out power to a hungry ghost
And blindly haunt the ones who love us most;
So down the hole our soul will chase this rabbit.

Attention to it growing reverential.
No matter if it’s lust or drugs or drink,

“At least we’re not as bad as them!” we think;
Denying it is killing our potential.
Decay of healthy judgement hurts plainly.
In single-focus we are sick and lost,
Continuing the habit at all cost;
The future handed to disease insanely.

In such despair reflection heals our blindness.

We find support to show us how to cope,
And slowly start to see the path of hope;
So overcome the phantom of mind with kindness.

Legality is not the key to heaven.
Our spirit helping others must be wise;
So guidance, not by forces, is how we rise.
Together we are one another’s leaven.


by John Barton