Destined To Change Lives

By Francisco Pinto

Wherever we go there are people and when we come in contact with others we reveal ourselves to them. They come into our lives and who we are influences them in a variety of ways. But if we change people through influence we have to decide who we want to be. Will we lose control, let our days be consumed with hopeless desires, and show the world that life is not so special? Or will we take control, let our lives be filled with passions written, and show the world that there is something extraordinary about our very existence? 

How long will we go on living just to live and get by? We wake up, eat breakfast, go to work and before we know it the day is over. No dream fulfilled and no passion written. It’s not until we have a life defying experience that we decide to change. At that moment of epiphany we realize what really matters. But why wait for that epiphany moment to arrive? 

What we have to understand is that we DO have the power of choice! We either choose to lose control and settle for less or choose to stay in control and remember that living an extraordinary life takes time to build. Let’s just consider that no matter how difficult life gets we must choose to stay in control. When we take control of our lives, especially during our hardest moments (because it is difficult to be strong during hard times), that valiant act will encourage those around us to be a bit stronger, more courageous, and believe in themselves a little more. 

We will face problems every day and how we deal with life’s issues will determine if we drown in our weaknesses, problems, and addictions or if we stay above the water in our strengths, solutions, and integrity. 

So today I challenge you. Today I challenge you to stay focused! You have to stay focused on your path, find solutions to problems, and through your actions encourage those around you to see that there is something extraordinary about our very existence.. Stay focused when the world is crumbling around you. Because who knows how many lives you’ll save and change forever…

PSF Scholar Francisco Pinto

Date emailed: 190404