Question 1: PSF has partnerships with who?

Answer 1: PSF has partnerships with:

  • Emergency Food and Shelter Program ($80,000)
  • Wash. State Dept. of Agriculture ($100,000)
  • Murdock Charitable Trust ($32,000)
  • City of Seattle ($25,000)
  • Myers Foundation ($15,000)
  • USIT Foundation ($10,000)
  • Emergency Food Network ($250,000)
  • Food Lifeline ($200,000)
  • Northwest Harvest ($40,000)
  • Amazon Fresh ($200,000)
  • Expedia ($90,000)
  • GoPuff ($100,000)


Question 2: Who is PSF currently working on proposals (or pending) with? 

Answer 2: 

  • Puyallup Tribe Gaming Charity Trust Board (Q4: $20,000) 
  • Medina Foundation* ($20,000)  
  • Lucky Seven Foundation ($25,000)
  • Muckleshoot Casinos* ($10,000) 
  • Tulalip Cares* ($5,000)
  • Washington Women’s Foundation ($100,000)
  • Bannerman Foundation* ($15,000)
    * Have received fund in prior years


Question 3: Project/ Program Information 

Answer 3: Each year, Washington State receives thousands of individuals returning from Washington State correctional facilities (6,952 in FY 2021; 7,729, FY 2020; 8,178, FY 2019)— Snohomish County alone receives approximately 600 individuals — on top of the thousands of other system-impacted individuals and their families already living in area. These newly-released individuals face multiple, significant barriers as they seek to reestablish their lives including housing, employment, mental health, and substance abuse disorder needs. Post-carceral trauma and social disorientation often impede the returning citizen’s ability to navigate many basic life tasks such as how to find healthy food for themselves and their loved ones. 


In the early stages of the COVID-19, food distribution to socially isolated populations, including formerly incarcerated people, emerged as a serious challenge. Northwest Harvest approached PSF to support its efforts to expand and improve deliveries of food to justice-impacted individuals who faced especially high transition hurdles caused by business closures and elevated unemployment levels. Over the past two years, PSF has been a key partner to Food Lifeline and other nutrition-focused nonprofits in providing food to justice system-impacted individuals and their families, serving 1,300 families on a bi-weekly basis with fresh, healthy food products. 


PSF fills a vital gap focusing on underserved community members facing food insecurity, including our BIPOC neighbors. PSF receives in-kind contributions from sources such as Emergency Food Network, GoPuff, Amazon Fresh, Expedia (Bon Appetit) and others, including limited distribution in partnership with King County Metro Access; in 2022, the value from these sources is estimated at $607,092. Storage, packing, distribution, and staffing have remained a challenge, mainly facilitated with a volunteer workforce. 


The funds from this grant will be used exclusively to service approximately 50 formerly incarcerated people and their families in the Edmonds School District. The resources will allow us to provide staff to deliver nourishing meals to predominantly BIPOC individuals seeking to rebuild their lives in South Snohomish County.


Food security provides a foundation to allow people returning home to their communities to focus on creating a new future. Too many justice-involved people face reincarceration due to a lack of access to opportunities and resources to move in a new direction. The families we support through our Food Security program.


Feel free to review our 2020 Food Security report, here: https://bit.ly/OurImpact2020. We’ve also attached a copy to this PDF. 


Question 4: Staff

Answer 4: Dirk van Velzen, Founder & CEO

Terry Mowatt, Director of Food Security

James Vickery, Digital Equity Manager


Question 5: Revenues in 2022


Contributed Income




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Gov’t Agencies (EFSP)


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In-Kind Income


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