Hear from a few Prison Scholars of the impact you have made on their lives.

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Gracious donors, please join us on December 2 at 4pm, PST, as we celebrate 2021’s learnings and opportunities at the Prison Scholar Fund. Hear from our Scholars about the impact your donation has had on their new beginnings and how a postsecondary education (woven in our programs) has changed their life’s trajectory. Learn from our Scholars’ experiences about how their educational journey continues to support their personal development and quality of life.

We want you, our donors, community, and investors to feel a sense of pride when you listen with empathy and a greater sense of contribution. Because it is with your support that we are able to shape their education, their roadmap for a better life, and their ability to pay it forward.

Hear what our Scholar Alum are doing now:

  • Tony Curtis – Prison Scholar Alum
  • Jenny Iredale – Prison Scholar Alum
  • Robert Wood – Prison Scholar Alum, PSF Board Member

Learn about our coding bootcamp in partnership with Coding Dojo


Fostering access to careers in science, technology, engineering and math careers among justice-involved individuals holds great promise for expanding post-incarceration employment of these populations. PSF’s new board member, Mr. Brent Orrell, a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based public policy research organization will cover the latest research.




With music performed by Kurt Myers, a father, social justice advocate, nonprofit specialist, business owner, and whenever he can, a musician. His style is a catchy mixture of grunge rock meets hip hop at a Seattle coffee shop.



Be inspired by how giving our neighbors a second chance ripples positively throughout our community.

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